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Singleton-free for server rendering

Stores are classes that are instantiated per request or client session. This ensures that the stores are isolated and do not bleed information between requests.


Stores can provide `dehydrate` and `rehydrate` methods so that you can propagate the initial server state to the client.

Stateless async actions

Actions are stateless functions that can handle promises or callbacks.

Higher order components

Intuitive way to access state from stores or set component child context.

React Integration

Helper utilities for integrating your Fluxible app into React Components with less boilerplate.

Flow Regulation

FluxibleContext restricts access to your Flux methods so that you can't break out of the unidirectional flow.


Want to add your own interfaces to the Flux flow? Plugins allow you to add methods to any of the contexts.

Updated with Latest React

Updated to follow the latest React changes and best practices.

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