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FluxibleComponent #

import FluxibleComponent from 'fluxible-addons-react/FluxibleComponent';

The FluxibleComponent is a wrapper component that will provide all of its children with access to the Fluxible component context via React's childContextTypes and getChildContext. This should be used to wrap your top level component. It provides access to the methods on the component context.

You can get access to these methods by setting the correct contextTypes within your component or including the FluxibleMixin which will add them for you.

Usage #

If you have a component that needs access to the ComponentContext methods:

class Component extends React.Component {
   constructor(props) {
       this.state = this.context.getStore(FooStore).getState();
Component.contextTypes = {
   getStore: PropTypes.func.isRequired,
   executeAction: PropTypes.func.isRequired

you can wrap the component with FluxibleComponent to provide the correct context:

let html = ReactDOM.renderToString(
    <FluxibleComponent context={context.getComponentContext()}>
        <Component />

If you are using createElementWithContext this will happen for you automatically:

let html = ReactDOM.renderToString(createElementWithContext(context));