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provideContext #

import { provideContext } from 'fluxible-addons-react';

provideContext is a higher-order component that takes the Fluxible component contest as prop and provides it to all children of the wrapped component.

By default, the executeAction and getStore methods will be available in addition to any thing provided by Fluxible plugin that you have configured.

Example #

The most typical and basic usage of provideContext is to wrap your Application component to ensure that it receives the getStore and executeAction methods.

const Application = () => {
  return <div>...</div>;

export default provideContext(Application);

Now when you render the Application component, you can pass in the component context via the context prop and be assured that all children will have access to through useFluxible, withFluxible or connectToStores.

ReactDOM.renderToString(<Application context={context} />);

If you're using the createElementWithContext() function and you passed a higher-order provideContext component to the Fluxible constructor, then the context prop will automatically be passed in for you.