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Presentations #

Take a look at talks and presentations we (Yahoo) and the community have done.

Universal React + Flux at Scale #

Rajiv Tirumalareddy talked about the challenges of scaling Fluxible at Reactive conference 2015. Slides available.

Isomorphic Flux - ReactEurope 2015 - Michael Ridgway #

Michael Ridgway presented "Isomorphic Flux" at the ReactEurope conference 2015.

Flux Panel - ReactConf 2015 - Michael Ridgway #

Our own, Michael Ridgway, was part of a panel of Flux experts at ReactConf 2015.

Isomorphic and Reactive Applications - NodeSummit 2015 - Peter Marton #

Peter Marton from RisingStack gave a great overview of building isomorphic React applications with Fluxible's architecture.

Isomorphic Flux - SF React Meetup, November 2014 - Michael Ridgway #

Presentation of the Fluxible architecture at the SF React Meetup.