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Fluxible Router #

NPM version

Isomorphic Flux routing for applications built with Fluxible.

$ npm install --save fluxible-router

Docs #

Features #

  • Isomorphic routing
  • Follows Flux flow
  • Higher order components for handling history and routes
  • navigateAction for changing routes
  • Updated for React 16

Required Polyfills #

addEventListener and removeEventListener polyfills are provided by:

Array.prototype.reduce and Array.prototype.map (used by dependent library, query-string) polyfill examples are provided by:


You can also look into this polyfill.io polyfill service.

Compatible React Versions #

Compatible React Version fluxible-router Version
16.3+ >= 2.0.0
16.0 >= 1.3.1
15.0 >= 0.4.10
0.14 >= 0.3.x
0.13 <= 0.2.x

License #

This software is free to use under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.

Third-party open source code used are listed in our package.json file.